In order to provide a service of the very highest quality, Workplace Wellbeing may recommend input from other external consultants, all of whom have previously provided services to, or worked with, Workplace Wellbeing, and who are all experienced specialists in their own field.

Health and Safety Consultants

BN SHE Consultancy Ltd provide health and safety consultancy services across the UK with offices in Hereford and Yorkshire. With extensive experience providing services to a diverse range of industries, BN SHE aim to give pragmatic, cost effective solutions that will keep your business and staff protected.

L T Fitness

L T Fitness provides nutrition and exercise instruction to keep people healthy within the workplace.

Providing services such as nutrition information & exercise prescription for future proofing health, managing Diabetes and weight management, and with years of experience, L T Fitness has assisted  many clients with their health and wellbeing.  Lt Fitness is currently providing  fun and practical  ‘Understanding Nutrition’ days in conjunction with Workplace Wellbeing  popular ‘Wellness Day’ sessions